Organizational Supporters
Progressive Dane
Democratic Party of Dane County
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 2304
Madison Teachers Inc.
Madison Grumps
South Central Federation of Labor
Marquette Neighborhood Association

Elected Officials
Elected officials representing the MMSD -- including 14 Madison alders, 16 Dane County supervisors, all the state legislators, three Fitchburg alders, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, and Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk -- have demonstrated their overwhelming support for this school referendum by signing the following letter:

As elected officials, we work hard to make Madison and Fitchburg the best places in the country. Even national polls agree that our area is hard to beat.

The foundation of our vibrant community is our public schools. Our kids and schools need our support this fall.

We urge you to vote for the Madison schools referendum on Nov 4.

Public schools are key to keeping Madison's economy strong. Talented professionals, the people who start and build new businesses, don't do it in a vacuum. They choose communities with the resources for a good life, as well as a good business. First among those resources is quality schools.

Schools in Madison and across Wisconsin are suffering from state-imposed cuts in funding. Some public schools are literally on the verge of bankruptcy. Madison schools have cut programs and services by over $60 million since 1993, when the restrictions began. Every year it's harder and harder to provide our children the educationthey need and deserve. They're missing opportunities we all want for them.

The long-term solution to the problem lies with the Wisconsin Legislature. But until there's a majority working toward a solution, we have to protect our kids.

The November 4 proposal will increase taxes by about $28 on a $250,000 home in 2009, $43 in 2010, and $21 in 2011. The school district's website has details:

For that investment, we'll maintain smaller class sizes, keep first rate teachers on the job, help our special needskids, keep up with basic maintenance -- and much more. All elected officials struggle with the balance betweentaxes and services; this referendum is very reasonable. The increase in taxes is modest. The commitment to our kids is enormous.

In America, every child deserves a chance to succeed -- not just the rich. This astonishing idea has changed the world. Public schools make the American dream a reality.

Join us by voting YES on the Madison schools referendum on Nov 4!

Madison School Board
Arlene Silveira
Ed Hughes
Lucy Mathiak
Beth Moss
Marjorie Passman
Johnny Winston, Jr.

Fitchburg Alders
Roger Tesch
Bill Horns
Steve Arnold

Madison Mayor
Dave Cieslewicz

Madison Alders
Brenda Konkel
Mike Verveer
Robbie Webber
Marsha Rummel
Eli Judge
Brian Solomon
Tim Gruber
Satya Rhodes-Conway
Julia Kerr
Tim Bruer
Larry Palm
Judy Compton
Joe Clausius
Mark Clear

Dane County Executive
Kathleen Falk

Dane County Supervisors
Scott McDonell
Barbara Vedder
Brett Hulsey
Wyndham Manning
John Hendrick
Matt Veldran
Carousel Andrea Bayrd
Dianne Hesselbein
Paul Rusk
Chuck Erickson
Melanie Hampton
Dave de Felice
Tom Stoebig
Dorothy Wheeler
Sheila Stubbs
Kyle Richmond

State Senators
Mark Miller
Fred Risser
Jon Erpenbach

Assembly Representatives
Sondy Pope-Roberts
Joe Parisi
Mark Pocan
Spencer Black
Terese Berceau


CAST Supporters
Jane and Bill Albert
Anne Altshuler
Ed Angelina
Marcia Gevelinger Bastian
Brian Benford
Nick Berigan
Dawn Berney
Ann Brickson
Bob and Mary Burke
Sarah Coyle
Jane Doughty
Wallace and Peggy Douma
Tom and Jeri Grogg
Geof Herman
Carolyn D. and William Pharis Horton
Laura Huber
Ed Hughes
Bruce and Alison Jarvis
Bianca and Mats Johansson
Thomas Kozlovski
Howard and Judith Landsman
Suzanne Lee
Thomas J. Mertz
Norman and Darlene Olson
Libbey Ortiz Meister
Adam Panek
Natasha Pierce
Karin Schmidt
Aisha Robertson
John Schafer
Sherri Swartz
Scott and Anna Ulrey
Nick Utphall
Michael and Beth Walsh
Melissa Winker
Christina Spector
Jessica Spruyt
Don Passman
Susan Stern<
Kate Schultz
Andreas & Susanne Seeger
Kari Sievert
Grant Sovern
Jeff & Sheryl Spitzer-Resnick
Susan Stern
Dawn Stiegert
Gay Thomas
Donna Vukelich-Selva
Nick and Kara Weaver
Avicia West
Daithi Wolfe
Dace Zeps
Howard and Judy Landsman
Marlys Sloup
Abbie Kurtz
Beth Lucht
Fay McClurg
Mary Metz
Kristen Nelson
Pete Nelson
Stacey Pipson
Jason & Jacqueline Rudolph
Ken Siemers
David Sulman
Nancy Vedder-Shults
Jason and Jacqueline Rudolph
Barbara and Fred Arnold
Karen Bassler
Laurie Beardsley
Laura Chern
Martha Cranley
Troy Dassler
Robert Winters
Jim DiUlio
Sue Ellingson
Deborah Gilbert
Michael Goodman
Nancy Gray
Elizabeth Huebel
Sara and Jeff Jensen
Margaret Lacy
Kristine Lamont
Dea Larsen Converse
Acacia Latka
Chris Lukas
Art and Sharon Mann
Larry Martin
Dana Maya
Laura McNeill
Christopher Morris
Beth and Duncan Moss
Kerry Motoviloff
Aileen and Allan Nettleton
Alana Aileen Nettleton
Tracy and Mike Pajewski
Marjorie Passman
Steve Pike
Gary Price
Rick and Sara Richards
Mary Shah
Barbara Katz
Beth Swedeen
Cara Swedeen
Amelia Swedeen
Evelyn Westbrook
Jenny Carr
Dace Zeps & Tim Dean
Avicia West
Anita Krasno
Gavin Langhammer
Evelyn Westbrook
Barbara Besadny
Ann and Richard Burgess
Jenny Carr
Laura Chastain
Pamela Cross-Leone
Tim Dean
Katherine Esposito
Tom and Jeri Grogg
Ann and Dan Halback
Michael Johnson
Kelly Kearns
Christine Kern Steffen
Anita Krasno
Faye and Roger Kubly
Janet Morrow

CAST Support on Facebook
Two Facebook groups have formed to support the referendum.  To join, visit High School Students for the Referendum (131 members at last count) and Vote YES for the Madison School District Referendum! (348 memebers at last count).



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