April 7, 2015 MMSD Referendum -- CAST Is Back

On  April 7, 2015 voters in the Madison Metropolitan School District will have the opportunity to demonstrate their support for our public schools by voting yes on a referendum to make much-needed  investments in our school facilities.  Community and Schools Together (CAST), is back in action to help inform the community and organize support.  We need everyone's help!

Check back here for updates (most of thecurrent material on this site relates to the 2008 referendum).

About Community and Schools Together, CAST
CAST is a grass roots organization of parents, students, educators, and community members. We at CAST are dedicated to educating the citizens of Madison about school funding referenda in the Madison Metropolitan School District. We welcome your ideas and involvement as we strive for the successful passage of school funding referenda.

CAST urges you as a taxpayer to learn about the issues and challenges facing our public schools. We want to provide you with information from sources throughout the community and state so that you can better understand the needs of our schools.

If you believe in quality public schools for all as an integral part of our democracy, join us in working to assure our schools have adequate resources. We look forward to sharing a positive message about the future of the MMSD.



Authorized and paid for by Madison CAST, PO Box 46341 Madison WI 53744-6341. Treasurer, Jackie Woodruff.