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Civic spirit shines in school vote

Peter Gascoyne: Referendum makes financial sense.

Lisa Gaumnitz, on behalf of the Marquette Neighborhood Association Schools Committee: Big reward for small school investment.

Dean Bowles, Monona, UW-Madison emeritus professor: Pass referendum to keep good programs.

Deborah Gilbert: A Diverse Workforce Begins at School.

Jane Doughty: School referendum a responsible effort.

Madison Board of Education: School referendum deserves support.

Janet Morrow: 'Yes' vote on school referendum will help save quality education.

Deb Gilbert: School referendum is win-win for taxpayer and community.

Labor: Vote Yes on Madison School Referendum.

Frederick M. Arnold: 'Yes' vote for schools will bring concrete positive results.

William P. Rowe, Schools need adult ethnic leadership.

Beth Swedeen: School referendum includes creative long-range planning.

Paul Soglin, Madison School Referendum.

Channel 3000 Editorial: Vote Yes On MMSD Referendum.

Natalia Thompson: Support Madison Education Nov. 4.

Karen Bassler: School funding shortfall not result of fiscal irresponsibility.

Local elected leaders: Vote 'yes' Nov. 4 for Madison schools.

Steve Pike: Past cuts led to negative impact on schools.

Bettsey Barhorst, president and CEO, Madison Area Technical College, MATC head supports schools referendum.

Madison School Board: Funds needed for schools to maintain core programs

The Capital Times, Vote 'yes' for Madison public schools.

MMSD Board of Education Letter.

Kristen Nelson, Pass referendum to push student success.

Arlene Silveira, Support MMSD school referendum.

Kaley Stroup, Editorial, the La Follette Lance.

Jackie Woodruff, "Quality Education is a Bargain."

Wisconsin State Journal. "Vote 'yes' and expect more.

Lucy Mathiak, "Why I voted to go to a referendum for our schools."

Sarah Maslin, Tonight's Referendum Meeting -- WOW!

Sarah Maslin, What's New -- The Referendum.

Brad Wolbert, The School Referendum.

Mark Crawford, Referendum failure will hurt city's kids.

Barbara Arnold, GrUMPS urges yes vote for schools.

Thomas J. Mertz, 24,189 reasons to vote yes.

Donna Vukelich-Selva, School referendum a reasonable move.

Lukas Diaz, Education investment essential for city.

Sherri Swartz, Support Madison schools referendum.

Vote in favor of improving education system on Nov. ballot By: Lavilla Capener /The Daily Cardinal.

Community and Schools Together Press Release.

Set a school referendum Nov. 4, The Capital Times.

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The Capital Times
The Wisconsin State Journal
The Capital City Hues,
The Madison Times

News Stories

Channel 3000: Madison High School Students To Rally In Favor Of Referendum.

High Schoolers Hit Square To Support Referendum.

Students rally for school referendum at farmers' market.

MMSD Today: The referendum decision now in voters' hands.

School Taxes Lower than Expected.

School referendum looms large for district, Tamira Madsen 10/29/2008.

School Board's adjusted budget to save average homeowner $67.

Lower school tax rate approved.

Madison School Board OKs tax rate cut.

School referendum opposition group won't officially register.

Madison students get involved in pushing referendum.

Formal opposition to Madison school referendum starts to form,  Tamira Madsen 10/22/2008.

Madison Schools Referendum prospects look good Smart timing, deft choices and good PR precede school-funding vote, Jason Shepard.

Most Back School Referendum Forum Participants Say Economy To Play Role, October 8, 2008, Andy Hall.

School referendum dialogue is 'fairly quiet' Tamira Madsen

Madison high school students get organized, push referendum, Tamira Madsen.

Info Sessions Planned On Referendum.

Accounting Change May Aid Referendum New Fund 41 Will Save Taxpayers Money, September 14, 2008, Andy Hall.

School Officials Push Referendum During Public Tour Of New School, Channel 3000.

Voters Will Decide On School Tax (second Edition), August 26, 2008, Andy Hall.

School Board Oks Nov. 4 Referendum, Tamira Madsen.

Madison's Superintendent Seeking Balance, Gaining Fans Daniel Nerad Is Praised For Listening And Working To Meet The Needs Of Students And Taxpayers. August 24, 2008, Andy Hall.

Vote On Tax For Schools Considered Plan Would Allow Madison To Permanently Exceed Limits, August 19, 2008, By Andy Hall.

School Money Gets Backing\ Support For Referendum Signaled At Forum, August 13, 2008, Andy Hall.

Referendum Or No Referendum? First School Forum Draws Dozens, Tamira Madsen.

School Board To Look At Referendum\ An $8.2 Million Budget Shortfall Is Projected For Madison Schools In The 2009-10 School Year August 5, 2008, Andy Hall.

School Board To Focus On Money Asking Voters For More Cash An Option, August 3, 2008, Andy Hall.

District Has Mixed Referendum Record, August 3, 2008,  Andy Hall.

Group Pushes School Referendum Here, Susan Troller.

Citizens Push Schools Referendum, The Capital Times.

Information Files, Do It Yourself Advocacy

CAST has put together an information packet to help you understand and talk about the referendum.  Neighbors talking to neighbors is the best way to get the word out, so take a look and share.

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