Why a School Referendum?

Madison Values Education

  • Good schools are essential to a strong community.
  • Our schools are our future.
  • Quality education attracts business and homebuyers.

School Funding is Broken

  • Mandates, needs and costs continue to grow faster than allowed revenues.
  • Annual service and program cuts of 1-2% over the last 15 years.
  • Over 100 districts in Wisconsin have held referenda in the last year.
  • After 15 years of cutting, essential services are in danger.

We Can't Afford to Cut More

  • Over 600 staff positions have been lost since 1993.
  • Over $60 Million in cuts have been enacted since then.
  • The district has continually worked to become more efficient, eliminating or combining many administrative positions.
  • Coming years will require further cuts in class size, arts, music, electives, nurses, counselors, athletics, teaching materials, facilities, staff development, maintenance, transportation and more.

How a Referendum Will Help

  • A referendum allows the community to fund our schools adequately.
  • A referendum will provide relief while working for State school finance reform - at least two years away.
  • After years of trying to do more with less, we must improve and expand the good our schools do.


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